Crazy Hunter!

It was announced that on September 6th EnjoyUp Games  will release Crazy hunter in America and Europe! The price of this game is 500 Nintendo DSi Points and will only be available through the Nintendo eShop for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DSi shop for the Nintendo DSi.

Crazy Hunter is about hens that lay golden eggs. Yes golden eggs. Players have to capture the hens that lay the golden eggs that are littered around the world.  The way players do this is by building a tower  tall enough to reach the clouds where the hens lay.

Building these towers require that player knock over goats that rest on candymade platforms that are on the river. Then players must fish out the goats from the water and then must stack the goats on top of eachother until you can reach the hens. That’s right the towers are made of goats.

Take a look at the trailer above!