Cthulhu Christmas Calendar HD Review For Ipad



cthulhu_christmas_calendar01At the core of the Cthulhu Christmas Calendar HD app is an advent calendar app. In the traditional sense advent calendars reward a person with a piece of chocolate. Red Wasp Design has gone and given there app a twist. Instead of chocolate you are rewarded with an original image.

An image for each day is represented by an original picture featuring well-loved festive imagery such as Santa, mistletoe, Christmas trees and the like. However these have been merged, mixed, mutated and mashed with other, darker figures drawn from H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos. 25 images will test your knowledge on Cthulhu Mythos. The app will start to quiz you starting December 1 all through December 25.

Upon each day you will be presented with an image and three multiple choice questions. On the last day will be rewarded with your score witch you can post on your facebookpage. The art work is just incredible, one image that stands out for me is Santa Clause being pulled down to his doom through a chimney.

The app can be purchased from the itunes App Store for only $.99, you can download the app for your iPhone or iPod Touch or for your Android phone; for $1.99 you can get it for the iPad.

Score 8 Out Of 10

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