Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII Review

As Damage Inc. starts you find yourself as Bobby the son of a Farmer. Your family has decided to leave the farm and move to the city for work, unfortunately barley any work is to be found. Not long after you make it to the city World War II happens and there are jobs everywhere. You and your brother decide to join the Navy, you as a Pilot and your brother as a marine. During the battle of Pearl Harbor your brothers transport plane gets shot down, your new life goal is to find and kill the Elite Japanese Goryo fighter squadron that killed your brother, as you take part in dangerous missions leading to the Battle of Iwo Jima.

There are 2 types of control options Arcade and Simulation. If you choose arcade you are only allowed an external view of your Plane. If you choose Simulation you can have an external, nose, or cockpit view. You cannot change your view in game you have to pause the game and change it in the gameplay options. Arcade mode is slightly easier to control than Simulation controls. If you’re new to flight simulation games like I am I recommend choosing arcade.

During the opening cut scene I noticed the poor voice acting Damage Inc. has to offer. It sounded like he was reading the lines for the first time and was very monotone. I did however enjoy the animation of the cut scenes it gave the game more of a World War II feel to it. Another thing I liked is that before each mission you are briefed with some background information and your objective.

The graphics disappointed me. When I first saw the plane and background I was reminded of a PS1 game. Everything just seemed so blocky and low resolution. When fighting ground enemies such as tanks, it looks blurry I wasn’t sure what they were supposed to be exactly.  The explosions on the other hand were well done. There was this satisfying feeling when you finally blew up an enemy plane, ship, or tank. I just wish the developers took more time in the graphics.

The gameplay is pretty easy once you learn the basics. I didn’t have much trouble after the tutorial. Once you are in the air you don’t have to worry about staying in it, just as long as you don’t crash in to a building or mountain or water. You are gifted with the ability to slow down time, which comes in handy when in a dog fight or trying to hit land foes. This makes the game pretty easy when in battle. Some of the missions become pretty repetitive, while others are exciting and keep you hooked. Mad Catz made a flight stick for the game, I unfortunately did not have the opportunity to use the flight stick, but I’m sure it would have made the game more enjoyable to play. The flight stick can also be used in other flying games.

Online is where I had the most fun with this game. You have the option of getting together with your friends and either going through campaign or having an epic Dog Fight. Unfortunately you cannot split screen, you can only play with your friends who have the game. You can also fight random people online as well. This is where the game is most intense, when playing story mode I didn’t find it very intense, but online I had some pretty epic battles.

Unless you count Star Fox 64, Damage Inc. was my first flight simulation game. Other than the voice acting and graphics the game play wasn’t very bad it was actually pretty good. If you’re a fan of World War II then you’ll enjoy the story. If you’re a hardcore fan of flight games I recommend you get this game with the flight stick because like i said Damage Inc. is not the only game the Flight stick works with . If you’re not a fan and you want to try the game get the game separate and decide for yourself about the flight stick. Overall I really only enjoyed multiplayer but the main story did keep me interested enough to play through the campaign.