Day 1 Panel: Cosplay 101

Day one of Comikaze has drawn to close and it was a hectic one. After four hours of traffic and an hour waiting to get in I was finally able to sit in one a panel that I personally have a lot of interest in as I am going to start Cosplaying myself, Cosplay 101. The panel was put on by 98.7fm and featured four amazing Cosplayers to share their advice for people looking to both start and advance in the art of costume creation and successful cosplay.

The four panelists were Vensy, ShadowGlaive Cosplay, Vash Fanatic, and Avery Faeth. They first went over the basics of getting into cosplay and then opened it up to questions from the audience. Here is a breakdown of the panel followed by some pictures I was able to take.


If you are interested in cosplay the best thing you can do is start to make friends in the community as they are a very tight nit group and love when people show a passion for their art. When starting to make costumes there are tons of online forums and youtube tutorials that you can use as a resource. They talked about making sure that your inspiration for wanting to cosplay a certain character comes from the love that you have for that character. This will lead to an overall much better experience during the entire process.

Common Mistakes

One of the most common mistakes they talked about was people who are brand new to cosplay trying to do a grand costume, half way through realizing that they had bitten off more than they could chew. They stressed that it is a long process to fully create your own costume and you can not rush or skip any steps if you really want to be successful. There are three variables that go into creating a costume which are time, money and functionality. Of these three steps you are only going to be able to achieve two of them.


There are tons of different materials out there that are available to someone you wants to make their own costumes, they went over what they found to be useful. When wanting to create armor, it is important to use durable but lightweight materials such as Wonderflex, craft foam and insulation/spray foam. When carving and molding foams it is important to use good quality cutting tools to prevent personal injury. Always try to shop around for your materials and make use of surplus and discount shops in order to save money.