Day 2 Panel Overview: Nerdcore Music

Yesterday was the final day of Comikaze Con and it was a much smoother overall experience than the first day. Unfortunetly there wasn’t much in the way as far as panels yesterday and when I was finally able to attend one my camera had died. Never the less here is the rundown of the Nerdcore Music panel that I attended.

The panel was moderated by Chasity Irizarry and featured Broken Pixels( Jerome Chance, Nerdsworth) Mason Storm, Dr Awkward, MC Lars and a few other artists. They talked about the passion they have for “Nerdcore Hip-hop” and the challenges that they face as underground or independent artists. MC Lars who even has a song to further instill the jokes reality talks about how at times it can feel you are in the merchandise business instead of the music industry.

There are many hardships that face independent “Nerdcore” artists, one of the biggest though is cost. When you first start off the music industry is by no means a lucrative business, especially for a niche underground genre, Most artists start off with allowing fans to download their music for free in order to spread their material. Using things like Facebook, Youtube, and even kickstarter are great ways for a young artist to begin the committed lifestyle that is independent music.

One of the most important things that all of the artists talked about was that non of them entered “Nerdcore” to be famous or rich, but instead did it for them. They enjoyed making the music and despite hardships loved their chosen passion for music, this is important for people who are inspired to start creating their own music is to always enjoy what you do and remain true to your selves.

Overall it was a great panel and a great weekend. I learned a lot from the few panels I was actually able to get to and also learned a lot on how to cover events as this was my first one. I hope that next year they are able to improve on both the organization and panels of the event. Look forward to going next year.