DC Universe Online’s newest DLC Pack!

Sony Online Entertainment LLC announced today that in September they would be releasing their 5th DLC, Hand of Fate for DC Universe Online. This DLC will be free for the game’s Legendary members. Unfortunately it will not be free for free players and Premium players at the PlayStation®Network’s in-game Marketplace. For PC users, you can go to DCUniverseOnline.com to purchase the pack.

In this DLC pack, players will return to Gotham City and Metropolis to partake in team-focused operations that go across iconic cityscapes. Also in this pack  players are given new Utility Belt attachments. The Utility Belt attachments will have 1-4 slots. All Utility belts will have at least 2 slots open whiles some slots can be upgrade. Also included in the pack, players will be introduced to magic-powered Legends PVP Characters the Lord of Order, Doctor Fate and the sorcerer Felix Faust . Along with this their will be an array of new exciting side missions as well as 6 new intense episodes (3 villainous and 3 Heroic) designed for group play.

About the game: Lex Luthor  has traveled back through time with news that Brainiac has been feeding off the powers of the battling Heroes and Villains. In order to change the future Lex Luthor set off a device that enabled regular citizens super powers so that the citizens will have a fighting chance against  Brainiac.

Take a look at these screen shots bellow! Are you excited for this DLC pack?