Dead Island Rip Tide Review

dead island riptide sc

My first impression when Dead Island Rip Tide was announced was, cool DLC for Dead Island is coming out. After learning that it isn’t a sequel either. I wasn’t sure what to think. I played the first Dead Island but didn’t get too far cause of the glitches and awkward controls. Regarding Dead Island I thought the concept was great, but the execution was poor.My hope was that Rip Tide improved upon what Dead Island had started.

Dead Island Rip Tide starts off exactly where Dead Island ends (If you didn’t play the first game there is a recap) but instead of getting saved turns out you are now test subjects. You also meet John who is also being tested he tells you everything that has been happening, after passing out from drugs from the testing you wake up to a zombie infested boat with no one around you it’s up to you to escape.


Let’s talk about the mechanics, Dead Island is classified as a first person RPG. You can use anything from a paddle to a machine gun to kill zombies. There are five characters to pick from and each character has a different specialty. Logan Carter an Ex-football player who specializes is throwing weapons, Sam B a one hit wonder rapper who specializes in blunt weapons, Xian Mei a Hong Kong police officer who specializes in blade weapons, and John Purna an Australian body guard who specializes in hand to hand combat. The game play is simple enough swing/shoot/throw your weapon at the zombies you have stamina and when you run out you can attack for a short period of time. Sounds simple but believe me it’s a lot of fun.


Dead Island Rip Tide has some of the best visual effects I have seen in a game in a while. From the water to the trees I felt like I was actually living in a zombie infested island fighting for my life. Some times when playing I would just drive around looking at the scenery. One thing that stood out to me is the amount of detail they put in to the zombies and how you killed the zombies. When fighting the zombies different effects happen for what kind of weapon you are using, if you are using a blade and you aim at the arm you are able to cut it off, the same goes for the legs and head as well.


The best thing in Dead Island Rip Tide is the multiplayer it takes what’s good about the game and makes it great.  There was nothing better than running around with my friends killing hordes of zombies. Having more than one player brings in new strategies that allow more in depth play. What I mean by more in depth play is you are able to utilize each characters ability to the full potential. An example would be if you had one person playing as Logan and another playing as John, John would run in close and Logan would help from afar. The possibilities are almost endless when playing with friends.


Over all Dead Island Rip Tide fixes some of the problems that I had with the first Dead Island. I enjoyed the time I played Rip Tide with minor complaints. The story kept me interested and the dialog kept me entertained throughout the story. If you wanted to try out Dead Island I strongly recommend buying Rip Tide over Dead Island.