Dead or Alive 5 Gameplay Trailer

This is a newly released trailer of an older build of Dead or Alive 5. Hitomi’s expressions could use a little work. She seems stiff and less animated than the newer trailer featuring Kasumi and Ayane. Nonetheless, this trailer shows off some of Hitomi’s slightly modified counters, including an extended mid kick counter in which she kicks the opponent into the ground after throwing them overhead to the other side. Ayane seems to have multiple teleports to effortlessly switch sides during mid-combo. Several environmental activations can be seen here as well. The most impressive part of the trailer is the edge move that Ayane performs on a cliffhanging Hitomi. Ayane kicks Hitomi off the edge and into the air, then delivers three helicopter kicks to send Hitomi down to the street level of the stage.

A Dead or Alive 5 demo will be available to those who pre-order Ninja Gaiden 3. Some stores will package the demo only with the Collector’s Edition, other stores will have it as a bonus with the regular edition. The demo will be available along with Ninja Gaiden 3 on Tuesday March 20th, 2012.