Deadpool 2 has a new Director and a new Ego

In a lot of cases when super stars are formed the hype and notoriety creates a monster within them which they think they are bigger than the team. I am not saying you shouldn’t have an input in production and the creativity of the process but you should understand that everyone on board has a place to contribute.

In Ryan Reynolds case when he finally got his “big break” of stardom with Deadpool all of that egomaniac showmanship was shown to the world in which in return got Tim Miller fired because he was not allowed to play his role as director.

In other news, it’s rumored that John Wick director David Leitch


will direct the upcoming Deadpool sequel. Does this mean Deadpool will have more action more glory and sword fighting maybe or maybe not. But there is one thing I can say if Deadpool fails it will be Ryan Reynold’s ego fault.  Deadpool was a smash hit. It made $782 million at the worldwide box office against a budget of $58 million so anything less at the box office will be an absolute failure.

Fox is apparently already planning a third movie that will feature the X-Force.