Deadpool’s Newest Trailer!!

Here is our favorite MARVEL anti-hero  doing what he does best…WHATEVER THE HELL HE WANTS! These trailer get more and more hilarious every time and with showing more about the game it just makes me that more impatient. Especially with the trailer introduction of Cable who has been MIA since MARVEL vs. CAPCOM 2, it’s great to have you back in games cable, one of my biggest hopes is the hopes that Cable will be a playable character and being able to use his gadgets. What isn’t great is that there is no word on the official release of this title so we just have to wait a little longer for that, but trust that FBG will be up to date with news release on DEADPOOL.



One thought on “Deadpool’s Newest Trailer!!

  1. Nice! Looks great, what’s funny is High Moon studios is right down the street from my work. Gotta love it when locals make an awesome game.

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