Deck of the Week: Burn!!!

This is the first time I used burn and now I know why. It gets really boring with all of the traps and spells. A burn deck is inflicting damage to your opponant without attacking through traps, spells, and a monsters effect..

They can get very annoying but playing them is at times fun. My burn deck is based off of what the opponant has as in how many cards in his/her hand, how many cards he/she has on the field, etc.

I love the fact that you can rule the field and not even do anything but once again it gets boring pretty quick. I dont have much to say on this deck; you activate a card, it hurts your opponant, then the same thing over and over till your opponants life points go to 0 with some negate cards here and there.

Burn decks are very simple and very effective when built correctly so I suggest this deck to people that are looking for a more relaxed playing experience in yugioh.