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Deck of the Week: Noble Knights


This deck is very rare on the Dueling Network website and I don’t know why. Noble Knights are very interesting to play with because they are based on Warrior-type monsters and Equip cards. Believe it or not but this deck only had 2 traps in it.

I thought this deck was extremely cool because I love Knights, swords, medieval, etc. Noble Knights as of monsters focus on getting one of the three ‘Noble Arms’ equip spells. The Noble Arms spells mainly focus on either increasing a monsters attack or getting more Noble Knights from the deck to your hand.

In this deck you mainly want to focus on XYZ because of the rapid summoning per turn but there is one Synchro; Ignoble Knight Of High Laundsallyn, that you need because he is like the powerhouse of the Noble Knights. You cant have very many traps with this deck because you need spaces for the equip cards but if traps are more your style go crazy.

This deck can be confusing at times but you should be find if you’re a good reader. I suggest this deck to advanced players because of the long effects and the strategies aren’t very clear the first time you play with them. Good Luck and Happy Dueling.