Deck of the Week: Psycho Psychics

This deck is focused on Psychic-type monsters and you mainly try to get monsters to the banished for later special summons. Psychics also are good healers like Magical Android and Psychic Lifetrancer.

The Psychics destroyed many decks like Fairy Decks, Dragon Decks, and Zombie/Vampire Decks BUT the Gravekeepers completely destroyed the Psychics. The constant summoning from the graveyard and the banished zone is what makes this deck strong so when you take that away such as; Gravekeepers, you can’t do anything.

The Psychics have around 400 to 2400 attacks and the Synchro  Psychics have around 2000 to 3300 attacks. To build a good Psychic deck just focus on special summoning from the graveyard or banished zone and add some equip cards to increase a monsters attack. You will need Synchros and XYZ, Synchro’s are more important that XYZ because of some healing effects and the attacks are high.

Also add some defense card like Scrap-Iron Scarecrow and high defense monsters. Like any deck; you shouldn’t have more than 5 maybe 6 trap cards in your deck. The more monsters you get the better. I recommend this deck for beginner duelers or people who like to build Synchro decks. Happy Dueling!!!