Deck of the Week: Six Samurai

Well, I can honestly say that I hate versing this deck. I was trying to avoid the Six Samurai but I had to try them out eventually. But playing with this deck isn’t that bad but the special summoning is insane. I found myself dominating the duel more often if I would just take a second to plan things out. Normally I can get a deck and just jump into the duel but not this one.

You NEED XYZ’s in this deck because of the rapid summoning plus Six Samurai aren’t very strong. You can add synchro’s if you want but its not required to have a good deck. This deck mainly is spells with a few traps and about 20 monsters. You shouldn’t add any unnecessary traps in this deck because it needs to be as small as possible. (Minimum is 40 cards )

This deck as most people know Six Samurai are best at special summoning rapidly. You can use this many ways like to XYZ summon, Synchro summon, or tribute summon. You can use equip cards but I didn’t because I was just focusing on the Six Samurai cards.

This deck is okay in terms of dominating your opponent. I’m still in testing with this deck so I can’t say its the best or worse deck ever. There can be some confusion with the effects so that’s why I recommend this deck to advanced players. Happy dueling!!!