Deck of the Week: Zombies

This deck is insanely fun to play with. Your main objective for a good Zombie Deck is to get as many strong monsters to the graveyard as possible. As you know zombies are very good for bringing monsters from the graveyard to the field (They are Zombies…. duh).

There are many ways to make a Zombie Deck BUT the best way to make a Zombie Deck is to get as many ‘Special Summon’ cards in your deck as possible and then add some powerful zombies here and there. I found myself only putting XYZ cards in the side deck because of the ability to special summon many monsters each turn.

I love the fact that you rarely don’t have monsters on the field. My Zombie Deck is still in testing so I might be missing some very key items in this deck but its dominating so I’m happy. 😀 This is a very simple deck to build and to play. There really isn’t any skill requirements or knowledge of the game for this deck. If you want to build a complex Zombie Deck, go ahead, want to go slow and not very hard to use, also able to build that. I recommend this deck for ANYONE!!!!! Happy Dueling!!!