Defiance: How to get started with Arkfalls (a guide to help you suck a little less…maybe)

So if you guys have been watching my streams then you know I am addicted to Defiance. I have been looking for a MMO that would spark as much interest as vanilla wow, and I am happy to say that I have finally found the holy grail. The game features addictive third person shooter gameplay and raids that can have up to 90 players called Arkfalls, throw in the fact there is an amazing show about it too and I’m sold.

So far I have been spending most of my time doing random Arkfall events from minor to major, so I decided to go ahead and write up a little starter helper guide. Originally I wanted to make some Youtube videos, but decided against it since I will primarily be streaming this for the next couple months. So the most important thing to do is to stick with what you are good at, a lot of players may feel pressured that there is a certain weapon that you have to use in order to be successful. That is a blatant lie as I normally place in the top 10 dps using a pump action shotgun and melee attacks. So without telling you what to use or how here is a little help to getting that Ark hunting as a way of life challenge done.


I can stress this one enough, to many players thing they are going to be able to lone ranger through a major arkfall, this almost always ends with complete and udder failure. The game at its core is still a MMO which means a bunch of players working together to complete a goal. If you go down to feel obligated to self rez instead wait for another player to save you, this way you are able to save your self heal if the entire group gets into trouble. That also means if you see a player go down, run and I mean RUN like you are running from the lollipop guild after calling midgets a plague on society. Get the player up and shooting, as the more guns the more damage the more fun you will have.


You got them so use them! Make sure you are spending your ego points to improve things like duration or cool down of your ego power, as you will be using them every time that they are available during an arkfall event. I personally play a veteran using the burst power, so I will constantly run circles around the crystal either using my shotgun or assault rifle do damage the crystal or hellbugs.


I think the most important thing to make sure you are doing is to start off small, start by getting the hang of how an arkfall works with doing a few minor arkfalls. Once you have gotten comfortable doing this then you will be ready to start moving up to Major Arkfalls, eventually you will even be able to travel across the greater San Fransisco area just to fight the Arkfall enemies.

Remember to keep frosty and always take your surrounding in, see you on the field Ark Hunter.


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