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Dementium II Review

Dementium II is a sequel to one of the highly rated horror experiences. You are William Redmoor, who after being submitted to a radical brain surgery at the hands of a maniacal doctor,you awake at the Bright Dawn Treatment Center with a little more that a killer headache. Instead of the doctor curing you, his dark methods have realeased the horros in your head into the real world. Again, you must face demons you thought have been eliminated and deal with disturbing signs that you murdered your wife and child.This time is it all too real?

When the game begins, you awake from a brain surgery with not a clear memory of what happened, then you are dragged into your cell, then suddenly appear in what is the gruesome, nightmarish sights that seem just too real.

Everything that seemed normal turns to your own personal hell; the gruesome sights of bodies that looked as if being tortured to death, and appearing creatures that can only be seen in a horror movie. Throughout the game you appear in and out of the visions to a “normal” state.

The gameplay is first person shooter, and there is a lot of weapons that allow you to anihilate any opponents and obstacles that get in your way.

It took me a bit to get used to the controllers. To play Dementium II you use the cross  pad to look around, the stylus to walk and the left trigger to attack, but once I played for awhile i got used to the controllers.

The sounds and the special effects are a bit disturbing,which is a good thing because it adds more to the story, and because I was using headphones, the sound was alot more strong and detailed; the sound effects also add alot of the horror while you’re playing.

Dementium II is a great horror game, the gruesome images and disturbing sound effects make this game a true horror experience. I was pretty close to reaching for that diaper, but luckily I held it together in time 🙂

I rate this game a 9 out of 10 because the combination of the storyline, the gruesome detailed images, and the sound effects make it a perfect game for anyone who wants to get scared enough to wish you had a daiper in hand.

Dementium II is now available for the Nintendo DS.