Demo now available for March of the Eagles

Paradox Interactive letting players try out their newest war game March of the Eagles. Players are limited to playing as playing as Prussia. Players have access to all single player capabilities, the tutorial and hint system in the demo. unfortunately players wont be able to save their game or use the multiplayer.

Features of the Full game are:

  • Multiplayer-players can play against their friends. up to 32 players can play on the same battlefield.
  • Become the dominant power of Europe-
  • use diplomacy-players can form coalitions against major powers. Players can  request military access,
  • warfare of course!-players organize armies, manage logistics, raid enemy supply lines, manage leaders and produce units.
  • command troops- players use a combat order system to secure as much power as possible.

March of the Eagles is set in Europe during the Napoleonic Wars. Players play as a European  nation and conquer all!

Players can go to download the demo or to buy the game!