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Democracy 3 DLC ‘Extremism’ Launches with Radical Policy Changes.


How far is too far, and what ethical boundaries will you bend for the greater good of your country? Evolve PR and Positech Games’s Extremism, the new DLC for Democracy 3, adds 33 situations and policies for times requiring drastic measures.

Tax-adjustments and remarkable changes to government spending are seen to be useless and the citizenry declares action. You’ll probably need politicians to swear religious oaths and newscasters to sing the national anthem! You just might ban private education, divorce, or same-sex relationships. Perhaps, if you are truly a monster, you will even condone torture.

How far to the extremes can you take your country and still uphold the support of the people (and make sure not to get yourself killed by some of them)? Check out the trailer below! Democracy 3: Extremism is available for $4.99 through Positech Games, Steam, and