“Destiny,” Bungie’s new MMO set for a Reveal Date


Since Bungie’s swan song to the ‘Halo’ franchise back with ‘Halo: Reach,’ development has been notoriously quiet with any sort of new project to follow up from such a breathtaking series.

Concept art for a new MMO, entitled “Destiny,” was revealed with a few pieces of concept art a while ago, but since then nothing has really surfaced in terms of details or scale for what Destiny will be portraying. Apart from a few promotional materials like beanies, and waterbottles available on the Bungie store, still nothing has come forward until very recently.

On February 17th, Bungie is scheduled to finally reveal what could be their next big step after ‘Halo’. Although now there are a few more pieces of concept along with new details that Destiny will be available for Playstation and Xbox, and that Activision is a developer, Destiny continues to be shrouded in mystery.

One can only wait to see what Ace Bungie has up their sleeve, and believe me, I am hoping it’s a big one.