Details on action Brawler Sacred Citadel

Deep Silver revealed more on their upcoming game Sacred Citadel today. Sacred Citadel is a side scrolling brawler that has RPG elements plus, interesting weapon combinations, mounts, towns and other combat options. Players can battle with up to three characters out of a total of four character. All of these characters can be leveled up during the progress of the game  and can acquire new skills. In the co-op system the way a character is developed plays an important role for the whole group. The four character( the Khukuri Shaman, the Ancarian Ranger and the Safiri Warrior and a yet-to-be-revealed secret character) have their own skill sets enables them to have stronger class attacks depending on their level. Also Players can pick up new equipment  like armor and weapons that can be combined to create massive damage.

There are several playable classes such as: the Safiri Warrior, the Ancarian Ranger and the Khukuri Shaman. Each class will have a different set of skills and collecatble items. Each character will have the ability to duel-wield two enterchanagble weapons, use combos and perform double jumps. Players will also be able to ride mounts and use war machines.

Sacred Citadel is set in us guessed it, the universe of Sacred. Sacred Citadel is a prologue to the next next Sacred story and will reveal an interesting secret  about the Seraphim . That is directly related to the action RPG Sacred 3, that is currently in development, will be released some time this year.

Sacred Citadel wil be released some time this year and will be avaiable for the Playstation 3, XBox 360 and for the PC through Steam.