Diablo 20th Anniversary Event is now LIVE

Live right now throughout all Blizzard games there is a special event to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Diablo!

Diablo 3:
– Log in RIGHT NOW to play the newly built up from scratch retro levels from the first Diablo game!



World of warcraft:
– There is a special event going on that will let you play the world of warcraft version one of the most notorious level from the Diablo Series! “There is no cow level”
Guide for this event here: http://www.wowhead.com/news=258867/guide-to-the-diablo-20th-anniversary-celebration-in-warcraft

– Enter this week Tavern Brawl to fight a “Mysterious hooded figure” with an unknown deck. Defeat him to unlock a new card back!

– Play now to get a exclusive Diablo Portrait and new sprays of the Diablo characters.

Starcraft II:
– Play and you get to get a Diablo theme worker portrait.

Heroes of the Storm:
– Get some new Diablo theme portraits and a new Brawl map.