Dicework Games looks for support from the crowd

The team behind the critically acclaimed iOS game, Rimelands: The Hammer of Thor, have turned to the crowd, in search of support for getting the PC and Mac version of their game ready for the market.
Since its launch, the game has a gathered a number of fans on the iOS devices, but now the developers feel it’s time to take the successful game to other platforms.

The PC and Mac version of Rimelands features a total reimagining of the game, an updated and rewritten storyline, new user interface and improved visuals. Additionally, as a new, and previously unannounced feature, they have added an easy-to-use visual level editor to the mix.Why crowdfunding?
Bringing a game from low resolution to Full HD demands a lot of resources, but getting funding for porting games to other platforms is a big challenge for indie developers, as they don’t have the same financial support as many of the game studios backed by publishers have. That’s why they have turned to crowdfunding, in hopes of reaching their goal, while giving back to their fans.

About the game
Rimelands is a roleplaying game, a lot like many dungeon-crawling board and pen and paper games. It’s a polished product in a genre that is often ignored by larger studios. The setting is a unique blend of steampunk and fantasy elements. It combines old school mechanics with streamlined modern gameplay, offers an intriguing story with an abundance of real-world mythology and great visuals. The original iPhone game received a lot of praise, and the new PC version will not only take it up a notch, but to a whole different level. And there’s none of that dull grinding here.

You can try out the game by downloading a demo of the game from the website http://www.rimelands.com