Dieselstormers high octane update brings perk system, sabotage missions and more



Customizing and variation are fun, so why not bring a bit more of it to Dieselstormers? Black Forest Games, makers of the award-winning jump’n’run hit Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, will publish the second major update for its multiplayer action game Dieselstormers on October 2, 2014. “High Octane” adds a perk system that enables players to buff their characters to fit their personal style and power-up their Dieselknights’ abilities even further!

Additionally, the team included a new sabotage mission type where players must destroy critical structures within new procedurally generated levels and hold off enemy forces that are trying to prevent the destruction of their machines. In order to accomplish this, players make use of new useable objects like turrets.

“Following player feedback  they’re offering another tasty nugget of content with the High Octane update,” says Vladimir Ignatov, producer and project manager at Black Forest Games. “This update sees the initial rollout of the Perk System, which allows for deeper character customization. Players put those Perks to the test with Sabotage missions, which will challenge players to utilize fixed defense locations against waves of attackers. As always, we’ve mixed in a variety of additional enhancements, bug fixes, and balancing tweaks. Big thanks to the community for their input – keep it coming!”

More information about Dieselstormers:

Background: Hell has broken loose in the little town of Ravensdale. Since the discovery of oil hundreds of humans have been turned into ferocious orcs. Suddenly, machines arise and new forms of magic are possible. Evil monsters ravage the city and enslave the humans, all the while drinking goop – that’s what they call the oil – as if it was beer. Yet, a group of brave citizens, the “Resistance”, stands to fight back with oil-fueled armor and weapons, slashing the orcs in bombastic battles and facing unpredictable bosses.

Features: Dieselstormers offers action-packed multi-player fights in procedural levels (including procedurally generated bosses!) and a highly engaging meta-game that allows players to create the perfect weapon, choosing from a wide range of possible combinations. Dieselstormers is a flexible multi-player game. People can play solo, of course, but if a level turns out to be too tricky they can simply invite others and play in local co-op mode or online. The level of difficulty doesn’t change; the chance of succeeding are therefore better when playing with two or three other Dieselknights.