Dinora gets Multiplayer: New Update Introduces Split Screen!


The latest update for Dinora, a 2D sandbox adventure game available on XBLIG, has now a local split-screen multiplayer feature finally requested by the fans. So now, friends and family are able to join together to explore a randomly generated world and shape it as they like.

In order to enhance the experience further the developer, Neuron Vexx, has created drop in/drop out gameplay. Zac Wootton, creator of Dinora, commented “In a game like Dinora a gaming session can last hours. I wanted to make it so friends that want to join you for only a portion of that time create as little disruption as possible. Adding drop in/drop out functionality achieves that goal allowing players to get right to the action.”     

Features of the update include:

  • Split-screen local multiplayer
  • Drop in/ drop out gameplay
  • Additional Save Slots – create and save up to 4 worlds and 4 characters
  • Dynamic weather system – random rain and snow showers
  • Enhanced spells that influence all players in range