Dirt 2 Review …


This is one of the only dedicated rallying video games available. In the interests of fun you can easily pick up DiRT 2 and start having fun without actually rolling over your car trying to do some novice rally racing on your moms back yard .

DiRT 2’s biggest feature flashback , I mean like if u get second chances in life and the game is some what better because of it. This feature allows you the opportunity to keep up with the pros. Like other racing games that are difficult at an easy level, demanding at least a 9 out of 10 dirt 2 allows u to pause rewind see your mistake and laugh at it go back to a safe point before your collapse with no harm done just press on your flash back and wha-la fresh start. Racing games are awsome speacially when your at your best and then you crash but dont worry because with that feature you cant no more.


DiRT 2’s tracks selections from mountain rallies, to swamps raids is so awsome that DiRT 2 has more than enough modes and tracks to keep you stuck to your tv for a while. DiRT 2’s graphics have made major upgrade since the original DiRT.
well what can i say its a must and my only down points about DiRT 2 are some minor details, Like not providing enough cars to choose from. Dirt 2’s bring back memories of how fun arcade racing was. It’s only a minor step up from GRiD, but DiRT 2 continues Codemaster’s work to perfect its already entertaining racing formula. The game might be a little complicated at first but the truth is you’ll probably be having too much fun smashing with pros to even notice.

So if your like me a racing enthusiast or just a race fanatic then i advise you to go to mom and dad and ask for an early allowance and be on your way to buying Dirt 2 take it from me you might find it fun like the need for speed franchise and so on .