Dishonored features Allstar Cast

For those of that don’t know what Dishonored is its basically an FPS (first person shooter)  in which you control an assassin with supernatural abilities. Such as, teleportation, telekinesis, and can bend time to his will. Got your attention yet, I thought so. now Dishonored also has a crew of stellar voice actors that includes ,and I kid you not Princess Leia from the ever popular Star Wars movies.

Well not actually Princess Leia but the Emmy winning actress who plays her Carrie Fisher.

She will be playing the role of an unseen announcer spewing propaganda over the streets of Dunwall the city you play in. Brad Dourif from The Lord of the Rings trilogy and One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest is adding his own special flavor to his role as Piero an extravagant engineer who designed the mask that the main character wears. But wait there’s more Michael Madsen,  Chloe Grace Moretz, and Lena Headly are also lending their voice boxes for this game. Raphael Colantonio the President of Arkane Studios (the developers behind the game) had this to say about his multimillion dollar crew,”Having such talented actors voice Dishonored’s compelling cast of characters adds a rich, powerful element to the game. We want to draw people into this virtual world and make it feel real. This celebrated cast adds wonderful depth and credibility to the overall Dishonored gameplay experience.”

Now enough about that I know what everyone’s thinking what does it play like can you be stealthy,  can you go in guns- a- blazing, can you strap C4 on the back of a monkey and throw him into a busy intersection well I think this gameplay here will answer all your burning questions except that last one.Dishonored is released on October 9th 2012 for Xbox 360,PS3, and PC.