Divinity II PC Review


I have found myself  playing a lot of First Person Shooter’s lately but I do enjoy RTS’s, Fighters, Puzzle games and many other types of games but my first true love goes to RPG’s. I have always loved a good RPG, a couple of  my early favorites were Exodus:Ultima III  and The Bards Tale, I’m always on the look out for a new and fun RPG. About a week ago I received a new game to review called Divinity II Ego Draconis for the PC  from Larian Studios, a new RPG, I couldn’t help but get a little excited. This is not the first game in the series but it is the first one that I have played, there are actually two games before this one Divine Divinity(2002) and it sequel Beyond Divinity(2004), I’m sure I will go back and check those out after I finish this one.

When you first start Divinity II it will play a very short but cool looking intro movie then it takes you to the games character creator where you can customize your character by Name, Gender, Face, Hair and Voice. The customization is straight forward and as always a  welcome part of any good RPG, after that you will be teleported to a magical world to begin your journey. The first person you will meet is Commander Rhode who will get you pointed in the right direction and on the road to becoming a Dragon Slayer.That sums up the intro to the game  or as I would call it the game lauch pad because it just takes off from there and in a very fun and cool direction.

The game features

Free Roaming

Different Character Classes: Priest, Mage,Warrior, Ranger and Dragon’s Slayer each with its own skilltree

Ability to Shape-Shift

Ability to read others characters minds

Morality system

The Music

The game has a very cool fantasy soundtrack that helps pull you into this beautifully constructed fantasy world. A couple of the songs actually reminded me of some music I had heard from the game Diablo and the movie the Lord of the Rings.

The Gameplay

The conversations between you and the other inhabitants of the world is done using a standard NPC dialog and and response to that dialog interface. The thing I noticed and thought was cool was when I was talking to an Npc the way the camera moved around the character as you were talk to them. You use the standard mouse and keyboard to control your character which is viewed through a 3rd person perspective ,it would have been nice if  they had added a zoom in and out camera  feature but it works quit fine without it. The combat sytem is pretty standard and fun you click the left mouse button to attack (Depending on what weapon you are holding you will perform a different attack pattern), you can also setup your special moves for your character on the quick launch bar at the bottom of the screen to help you select a quick attack combo or potion if things get a little hectic.

The Graphics

The game looks very good on my system(2.66Ghz I7 Cpu, 9 Gigs of  Ram and  a Nvidia BFG GTX285 1Gig  graphic card) but it will vary of course depending on your PC hardware setup. I run my game on the Extreme Graphics setting and it looks and runs very well. The outside world is very brightly lit and colorful, the structers in the towns and villages look very cool and the dungeons I have seen have a cool dark magical look to them.

So far I have fought my way through a dungeon to rescue a convict in order to infiltrate his camp, talk to a mysterious Necromancer I ran into while exploring deep in a dungeon about constructing a creature to fight along side me and  attacked a camp of hostile Goblins . This game has definitely pulled me in and I can’t wait to level up my character some more and find out what other cool things are in store for me in this beautiful and mysterious fantasy world that Larian Studios has created.

I give it an 8/10