DJ Hero Launch!

DJ Hero

Ever get caught in the mix of a conversation of videogames with nothing to say? Well now you do! Inspired by Guitar Hero, Activision releases Dj Hero. As if you didnt already have enough plastic instruments?!


Well Dj Hero has a main focus oon its Singleplayer mode. It takes all the elements of music and mixes, fades songs, and adds samples to help you become a DJ Hero. Unfortunately, like the Guitar Hero  it has no story to follow. But on the other hand, while it may not be the most realistic Dj-ing you have ever seen, it is the closest a vidoegame has come to the ultimate DJ experience.


Although its main gameplay is singleplayer it still has the usual local and online Co-op and competitive mode. Which should keep you busy even after you’ve become the DJ Hero, and remixed the DJ world to no end.


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