Gears of War 3 Forces of Nature Review

Forces of Nature marks the last piece of DLC that will be included in the Gears of War 3 Season Pass. There are 4 maps that are included in this DLC: Cove, Aftermath, Jacinto, Artillery, and Raven Down. Also the anticipated mode Guardian is added to the mix. Forces of Nature has release four characters:

For the Locust: Savage Hunter and Savage Grenadier

Cogs: [LE]Commando Dom(basically the original Commando Dom but with a blue color scheme) and [LE]Mechanic Baird,

If you do not have the Season pass then this DLC will only be 800 MP witch is like $10 via XBOX LIVE. Hopefully this will not be the last DLC Epic will release for  this title.

I’ve played all the new maps multiple time already mostly playing them on Guardian and here is a little review about what I think about the maps and some little things I found interesting:

Cove(fog):  This maps weather base is fog. This fog is a little annoying but it shouldn’t affect your play too much just with long distant weapons such as Torque Bow. If your lucky while playing online the fog will block your sight of your enemies sight and if it bothers them than it’ll affect there playing style and you should be able to take advantage of that. As for me it really doesn’t affect so I get some pretty easy kills.

Aftermath(earthquake): Aftermath is a flooded city and once in awhile there will be random earthquakes. The earthquakes are there to make it difficult for snipers, there are two Longshots in this map to you will have a hard time keeping the enemy sniper at bay. I really like this map because it’s really detailed, for example,  if you look around the map you will find Anthony Carmines helmet and grave which is awesome.

Jacinto(heavy rain):  Everybody loves Jacinto! This was a fan favorite map back in Gears of War 2, with its re-release Epic made a lot of changes to it. Jacinto has heavy rain so the sound of rain fall will make it easier for you to sneak behind your enemies for an easy kill. This map is perfect to bring back along with Guardian.

 Artillery(tornado): This map starts you off at an outside power plant and once the match starts you will have to race for the power weapons. There’s a tornado that circles around the map and it makes it hard to see,  it will kinda blind you until the tornado is gone so it kinda feels like Trenches(nothing a little Tac-Com can’t fix).

Raven Down(snowstorm): Another walk down memory lane, Raven Down made its first appearance back in Gears of War. Often their will be a snowstorm that will get you lost in the map. This map is  small which feels like an outside Checkout. Also the map takes place near a crashed raven(helicopter)in the middle of a city which is kinda cool.

That’s my review about the maps and like I said I played them all on Guardian. I personally missed Guardian, it was all I played in Gears of War 2 because although the rules are simple, its challenging because you cannot do it alone. In Guardian the objective is to kill the enemy leader and as long as the leader stays alive the rest of the team will receive an infinite re-spawn. so it simple: kill the leader and finish off the rest of the team. Guardian relies on team strategy and team work, there is no room for “lone wolves” because its something that can’t be done alone, and the best part of  Guardian is that it eliminates CAMPING!

Overall the Forces of Nature DLC is the best one yet, it releases everything: character, maps, skins, and a new multi-player mode. The only problem I have with this is why wasn’t Guardian release earlier? Or why didn’t it come out with the title release? But none the less I’m happy its back.

On an FBG scale of 1-10 I will Give the Forces of Nature DLC a: