Do you remember: Marble Madness

I was just thinking about some classic arcade games and Marble Madness came to mind. It first hit the arcades back in 1984. When I first saw it I was totally amazed at the look of the game and the cool trackball controller. The game sported some very cool looking graphics and very interesting game play, it definitely caught my eye and had me pulling  lots of quarters out of my pocket.

In the game Marble Madness you control an onscreen Marble with a trackball controller and view it from a third-person perspective. The player had to pass six very cool looking levels while avoiding some interesting enemies like puddles of acid,  interesting green worms that looked like green Slinky’s and the dreaded Black Marble. The other catch was you had to complete these levels before the level timer ran out and if you completed the level before time was up that remaining time was added to your next level timer. Sometimes you would get lucky and be rewarded with extra time that could help you finish the level, this would be granted by a Magic Wand that would appear above your marble.

One of the coolest parts of the game to me was the level design, each of the six level had a very distinctive look to them. As you progressed through the game it became more and more difficult because you would be introduced to more enemies and obstacles. As I mentioned earlier the Dreaded Black Marble would show up on some of the level and would attempt to knock you off the side of the levels, it could be a serious pain in the ass sometimes. With the other enemies like the worms and acid you just had to make sure you were paying attention where you were rolling. The trackball could be a little tricky to control sometimes because you had to make sure you didn’t pick up to much momentum and roll yourself right of an edge or into one of the enemies on the level.

All in all it was a very fun and challenging game that was so popular that it was ported over to quite a few different consoles over the years. If you also like games like Marble Madness check out a game called  Marble Blast Ultra on Xbox Live Arcade, I will catch you later.