Mario Kart Double Dash Battle

One of my favorite racing games to play is Mario Kart Double Dash. When i  play Double Dash I am  always moving the controller up down and side to side to make my characters move better, so when Mario Kart Wii was released i got used to playing it right away! So this weekend i played  both games  and could not help but compare both. It was a race between me and aPandakilledU and i did get my ass kicked.


In Double Dash most of the time i pick Toadette and koopa. Here are some shots of some of the races i won:


article4article5 (2)


Unfortunately, aPandakilledU won the race 🙁

Anyways, i like playing Mario Kart Wii cause i’m always moving around with the controller, so the Wii version is perfect for me, but i always go back to play Double Dash 🙂