Downhill Xtreme iOS update has the golden touch

  Distinctive Games announced today that the critically-acclaimed free-to-play longboarding game Downhill Xtreme will receive a huge iPhone and iPad feature update later this month to celebrate more than two million downloads since the April launch. Downhill Xtreme is set to include a revamped online mode, which allows you to choose your opponent from different categories such as World’s Best, Local (top ten from your country), Skill level (your XP level) and Rivals (your own list of riders) – plus the game will add five new songs from major artists We Outspoken, The Clench and Kidd Russell.

The major update will also add new boards that include one created by the winner of a Downhill Xtreme design-a-board competition, Stijn Maes, as well as the Spartan Board, a golden longboard with the best specifications in the game. Downhill Xtreme is a free-to-play game with gorgeous 3D graphics, smooth accelerometer controls, and gameplay that captures the speed thrills of this demanding extreme sport, as well as its music and culture.

Here are just some of the great critical reactions to Downhill Xtreme:

“Plenty of good stuff going on in Downhill Xtreme…Xcellent. 4/5”

“A good game for a great price, and you have no excuse not to download it.”
Pocket Gamer

“One of the best free iOS apps of the week.”
Mac Format

Downhill Xtreme features:

* Free to play game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The new iPad is supported at full iPad retina screen resolution
* Lush 3D graphics with special lighting effects and precise tilt controls
* Huge number of unlockable tracks in locations around the world including the USA, France and Chile
* Earn XP and gold coins (or purchase in-game) to unlock better boards, equipment, tracks and customisable character options
* Offline and online racing, plus special daily and weekly “Outlaw” events that are available only for a limited time
* Killer soundtrack featuring songs from artists including We Outspoken, Kidd Russell and The Clench
* Custom collection of boards from basic models to high performance, designer boards – including the new gold Spartan board – plus a wide selection of wheels for improved acceleration and drift
* Real-time newsfeeds, Facebook connectivity and Game Center integration

Downhill Xtreme is out now on the App Store for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad as a free download. Downhill Xtreme is also planned to appear on Android and other mobile formats this summer.