Dragon Ball Fighters Z Trailer and gameplay

It looks like a new DBZ game is coming, but it isn’t a normal Dragon ball z game. It was first shown to the world online when two screenshots of the game surfaced and it showed graphic features similar to that of Guilty gears. But now it was offically shown on the Xbox e3 presentation. 

Developed by Ark System works, same people who made Guilty gear and Blazblue, comes a new Dragon ball fighting. A MARHVEL BABY type game! The gameplay features guilty gear 2.5D graphics in a 3 vs 3 battle with assists just like Marvel vs capcom 2 and 3. So if your disppointed that Marvel vs Capcom infinite is going back to a 2 vs 2 format then you should check this out when it comes out.

Check out below the announced and game play trailer.