Dragon Ball Super had a Huge Premiere in the U.S.

Dragon Ball Super has been release since 2015 in Japan and now roughly two years later it finally debut in the United States.

According to the ratings it didn’t disappoint to the hardcore fans and newcomers.

Reported by TV by the Numbers, Dragon Ball Super pulled in more than 1.06 million viewers for its first showing. The premiere got a score of 0.4 and Dragon Ball Z Kai was quick to keep up the trend. The long-awaited release debuted to more than 1.12 million viewers and pulled in a 0.5 score.

Dragon Ball Super is starting off in the U.S. from the beginning in which they should because the U.S. is far behind in the storyline compared to the Japan audience. The show kicked off with episode one and continue to debut a new episode every Saturday. The show is heading into its first saga known as “God of Destruction Beerus” which is sourced from the movie Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods.

 In February, according to reports it will be introducing a brand-new story arc of Dragon Ball Super is set to kick off in Japan with the ‘Universal Survival’ saga.