All Gamers remember every Dragon Ball game that has been released, some good, some awesome, and some that were just bad. Well here is another one that is going to be added to the list just not sure where to file this one just yet. Dragon Ball Z for Kinect has all the classic features in the old titles but just with a new way of doing it all. With your very fists, players will be able to control there favorite Dragon Ball Z character and perform over 100 moves on their enemies, including the Kamehameha, Destructo Disc, and the Spirit Bomb(I wonder if you will have to hold up your hands for 5 episodes….) as they battle their way to victory in this ultimate evolution of the unstoppable franchise.

Dragon Ball Z for Kinect is developed by Spike Chunsoft Co. Ltd and this title will be give you access to 50 characters, all the famous battle i the series, and all the memorable moves.Making full use of the Kinect sensor, Dragon Ball Z For Kinect will also support QR code functionality, allowing fans to hold up and scan special QR codes to unlock characters and power-ups in the game.

Dragon Ball Z for Kinect is scheduled to release October 5th 2012 for the Xbox 360.