Dragon Swarm only 50% off this weekend!


A possible explanation for this Spicy Pixel(developers)? Well you got it here, since there are too many swarms to go around, Spicy Pixel has announced that its fiery arcade strategy game for iPad will be 50% off its regular price in the App Store this weekend! A whole new experience for players, finding themselves in enchanting 3D encounters commanding swarms of dragons in epic online battle.

The game also offers an arcade twist to classic real-time strategy that aims to perfectly balance between action and tactics, making itself much more useful for mobile gaming sessions. Once you are entered in the battle, players strive to superiority for control of the map using fire breathing dragons, defense towers, and powerful strongholds.

Far from original, the game randomly places dragon lairs in every game session to offer the player a unique and challenging battle. Dragon Swarm does indeed give recognition to its RTS roots by supporting online matches through Game Center or a local network so it’s simple to play with a friend. New dragon commanders can download the app from the iTunes App Store as well.

Make sure to take advantage of this deal once it goes on sale at midnight May 17 and will remain available for just $0.99!  That is, until the morning of Monday May 20, 2013…