Dragon’s Dogma DLC announced


Capcom has announced and confirmed that it will be releasing two substantial and free updates to the game before the end of this year.Which of course are awesome news because everyone loves free updates. One is “Speedrun”mode, which challenges players to play through the game quickly and rewards them with in-game equipment for clearing certain time objectives.

The other is the much-demanded Hard mode, coming just on the heels of the already-released Easy mode. Hard mode will make enemies more difficult to defeat, and will also offer equipment rewards for taking the challenge.

On top of this, Capcom has also announced that next year the game will be getting a full-blown major expansion called Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen. For now, details on the expansion’s contents and format are slim, but you can check out a teaser trailer that was released at the Tokyo Game Show 2012 last week below.