Dragons of Legends Review


This week I got to review and amazing set thanks to my friends at Konami known as Dragons of Legends. Now most of these cards are newly released, but the majority of them were released in the tv show back in the days, I believe season 4 which was Waking the Dragons. Anyways this set held a lot of good solid heavy hitting cards plus a lot of supporting cards, which a lot of duelist are going crazy over for. This set has 51 cards in it, 30 super rates and 21 secret and you get 5 cards per pack.

Now the main cards in the set were Amulet Dragon, Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight, and the Eye of Timaeus. Unfortunately I was not able to pull any from my packs, but I still had some amazing pulls like fire and ice hand. These cards are the most talked about from a competitive aspect since their effects are generic and both amazing. Fire hand says as long as this card is under your control and is destroyed by your opponent you can destroy 1 monster on the field, then you can special summon an ice hand from your deck to the field.

Now Ice hand has almost the same effect but his ability involves the destruction of a spell or trap then you can special summon a fire hand to your field. These two card have great potential for many competitive decks and you should expect to see them floating around the dueling circuit. The next card is known as Mathematician, now this card is a great generic +1. It says when this card is normal summoned: You can send I level 4 or lower monster from your deck to your graveyard.

When this card is destroyed by battle draw 1 card. This card is very similar to card trooper, but has its own special twist to it. Now the card that I feel that everyone is talking about is Soul Charge. This card got a lot of attention because of its crazy and amazing effect. It reads target any number of monsters in your graveyard; special summon them, and if you do you lose 1000 LP for each monster that was special summoned by this effect.


You cannot conduct your battle phase this turn and you can only activate 1 soul charge per turn. Now this card is very powerful and has many possible plays that it can be ran with. Although I doubt many duelist would pay the 5000 LP to play this card, you will see most either paying around 2000-3000 for an instant XYZ or a huge power play next turn. The possibility’s are endless with these cards.

Those four cards that i talked about were the best in my opinion, and were actually cards that i pulled from the packs. This set has a ton of amazing cards and I highly recommend that if your a duelist, you need to get some of these packs ASAP. Thanks for reading my review and happy dueling.