Duelist Pack: Dimensional Guardians Review

Hows it going everyone Patrick here with another Yugioh TCG review and today my friends from Konami gave me the honor of reviewing their newest set, Dimensional Guardians. Now this is a small set and it has a ton of reprints, but they are really good reprints and a few really good new cards as well.

Im just going to talk about one card that stood out to me and i’m very excited about this card and it is Frightfur Reborn. One thing i love about this card is that even after it is used, it still can be used again. Its effect says to target and special summon 1 Frightfur fusion monster. Then during your main phase you can either bring back one of your banished fluffal or edge imp cards and add it to the graveyard so you can make even bigger plays utalizing this card and the recycled material.

I enjoyed this set, it had a bunch of reprints for synchro summoning and some really good synchro monsters. I would recommend this set, just incase you missed the original packs these cards were in. I hope you all enjoyed this small review and remember Happy Dueling