DVD Releases This Week

Here are the newest DVD films hitting retail stores this week, below are my suggestions on which you should Buy, Rent, or Forget About It.


This film is by far the most disturbing film i seen a while. the scares are predictable but the the tapes that are shown about the missing families will make your insides twist. If your those hardcore thriller seekers than this is your film if not don’t eat before watching this film.The film is about a burnt up author trying to get back into the limelight with a novel he is basing on a murder in a family’s home in which all were hanged by the neck in their backyard, once he moves his family in to the family’s house things get Sinister.

Verdict: Rent it isn’t a buy but worth seeing to have a date to watch them squirm.



Sweeping many awards and most likely to score big at the Oscars.  This film based on a true story about CIA agent Tony Mendez fakes a Hollywood film to rescue six members of the American Embassy in Iranian during a revolution.  This film has drama and suspense that blend so well that it is a great ride.

Verdict: Buy Great Cast,Great writing,Great story, overall great film worth buying

Fun Size


When Sardonic loses her brother during trick or treating she has her three friends to help her find him getting into all kinds of mischief. This film is like a  G rated Super Bad mixed with Project-x its ok for kids 14 and younger but above that a film this size there is no fun.

Verdict: Forget About it take your kids to see it so they can feel cool and brag to there friends on what an awesome movie this was.