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EA Annouces New Improvements To NCAA13

We are roughly 30 days away from the early release of NCAA13.  With that being said the question on my mind  or not this year’s game surpass last year’s game. After watching the official EA playbook pod cast and also looking at the game play trailer as seen here


I have a little bit more clarity as to what expect for this year’s game but I still have some serious questions.

From what I’ve seen and heard so far this is what I have to look forward to this year:

Improved Quarter Back  Mechanics

As A Player that likes to pass the ball this is huge for me.  In last NCAA 12 I felt like the game favored teams that ran the option and spread offenses. This year with the improved  QB mechanics you can run more diverse plays on offense like screens, playaction passes , and double moves with more realistic results.

More Realistic Reaction Times On Defense

One thing about NCAA 12 was the superman like athletic ability that the linebackers would have. The would be occasions where a guy would be running one direction, then jump in the air, spin in mid air and catch the ball with one hand. Keep in mind this would all happen with him even seeing the ball. So this shouldn’t happen this year because of the new “Read and React” system.

No More Blind Recievers

“HB Walk Glitch” was one of the worse game destroying glitches that I have ever seen (Go to and search NCAA 12 HB Walk to see what I’m talking about).  Right after that was the dropped passes by wide open recievers, especially on slant routes. This year however the development team has been hard at work and has developed a new reciever icon system that should eleviate that problem.


Now these are great imporvements among many others the I have not mentioned, however I still want to know if EA has addressed the following issues with last years game:

Option QB running glitch

The 3-3-5 and 4-2-5 nano blitch glitches


Stay tuned to as we give you more details for NCAA 13 all the way up to the relaese date and beyond.