EA NextGen games will not be on the WiiU


In another Brutal blow to Nintendo, EA has announced they will not be supporting the WiiU on any of their nextgen games. Johan Andersson, the technical director of the Frostbite project, tested Frostbite 2 on the WiiU and found the results to be “not too promising” so much so that EA “chose not to go down [that] path”. This is a huge hit to the already hurting Nintendo. The WiiU will now most likely miss out on the next Battlefield, Mass Effect, Madden, and Need for Speed. While those may not be the type of games Nintendo is known for, the news also means the upcoming Star Wars games will also be skipping the WiiU.

EA is not the first to announce a lack of WiiU support noting lackluster performance of the console. Deep Silver announced they would not be supporting the WiiU which means it will miss out on Metro: Last Light, Dead Island, and Saints Row. Unreal Engine 4 announced it will not be coming to the WiiU. And most recently Bethesda has been dodging the question on whether WiiU will get the upcoming Wolfenstein: New Order. They’ve announced it’s release for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, but remain vague on the WiiU.

This all comes at a pretty hard time for Nintendo. With their sales falling very short of their expectations and the WiiU being considered a flop. Nintendo will also not be having a Press Conference at this years E3. Hopefully Nintendo has an ace up their sleeve because things are looking very bleak for the WiiU right now.