EA Sports Announces Newest Feature To Madden 13 “Connected Careers”

EA Connected Careers Graphic

EA has a streaming channel that details many of the new feature that they are unveiling at E3 here is the link http://www.easports.com/madden-nfl/promo/madden-webcast?intcmp=easint18_Madden_Madden_Playbooks-1-2-Webcast_Page_RPromo . By the way I apologize in advance for some of the audio problems that you might experience. This was due to the fact they the theatre’s PA system was interfering with some of the mics backstage.

Now after the press conference I was still kind of uneasy about some of the aspects of the connected carrers feature of Madden 13.  This is due to my apprehension about having such a robust feature all being installed in the first year. However there are some aspects of this feature that I really like because they are very real and true to football. For example, adjusted ratings depending upon the style of play of your team.  Also the communication tools that are included within the game to help league managers talk to league members is very cool as well. Now I do have mixed feelings about involving sport analysts simply because I feel like that it will just annoy me but some people my find it really cool that Skip Bayless has something to say about way I hired a coach or the Adam Schefter is leaking that you are tying to trade an aging player. Honestly  I just wanted EA to fix minor issues from last year’s game. However EA is on a mission to totally change the way we play and compete in sports games and go beyond.  Only time will tell if EA has bitten off way more than they can chew or if they have reach the goal of reveloutionizing sports games as we know it.