Ear Force PX 22 Turtle Beach Headset Review


A good gaming headset is essential to a dedicated gamer, but also for the casual gamer. If you know you’re going to be putting in hours of work out there on your Xbox, why not make sure that your gaming experience is maximized during that time. The first head set that many gamers come into contact with, is the one right out of the box that comes with your system. Those gamers soon find out that those headsets just suck. They are fragile, uncomfortable, and they leave something to be desired from the sound category. There are many big name brands out there like, Razor, Mad Catz, Astros, Tritton’s, and of course Turtle Beaches. Turtle Beaches are probably the most recognizable brand out there, and for a good reason too. The PX 22’s are a prime example of why Turtle Beaches are so well known, they are just top notch in almost every category.


The design for the PX22 is awesome. I personally have used Razors for a long time, the thing that I had wanted to change about my headset is how bulky they are. At first look I thought the  PX 22 would be just as bulky as my Razors, but I was surprised to find that they were actually a bit sleeker in the design and they were not as bulky as I had thought. A cool part about the headset is that on the side of the ear pieces it has the MLG logo which just might be the coolest logo out there.



Comfort might be the most important feature of headsets next to sound. The comfort in these headsets is simply elite. From the outside they feel a bit rough but when you put them on they feel extremely comfortable. They do not require any adjustments while you game. One of the best parts about these headphones is that they do not seem to have the irritation that occurs throughout long periods of playing with them. They did not hurt my ears after more than 3 hours of game play. I had previously thought my Razors were the most comfortable head set I had ever worn, but the PX 22 are making my Razors seem like 10 dollar headsets.


The voice on the PX 22 are great. As a gamer I don’t like having to speak loudly into my headset for the other person to hear me. The PX 22 are perfect for that, I did not have to yell into my mike in order for the other person to hear me clearly. The mike is also able to be manipulated so that it is not in the way of your face. As far as what I was expecting, the PX 22 are great in that you are able to be heard loud and clear.



The real reason any one would buy a gaming headset is for the sound. I have to say that I did not expect these headphones to really wow me, but they managed to do just that. I tried the headset on my iPhone first and I was blown away by the sound quality, you really get your moneys worth. I was hearing sounds I had never heard before in some of my songs. The sound on the computer was enhanced just like the iPhone. The best part however is hooking the head set to the Xbox and submerging yourself into a game. With the headset you can put it so only you can hear it, and that way you can adjust the sounds to be perfect for you. When playing shooters the experience of these head sets are maximized, you feel the action incredibly close to you. While playing Mass Effect I got lost into the game once again, but it was the effect of the headset that made me get into the action of the game.  The mix between hearing people talk to you, and hearing the sounds of the game can be adjusted to mere perfection to where neither sound interferes with the other. These headsets bring with them an inline amplifier which changes the way you will think about headsets. Messing with the treble and bass was a fun experience because you find a level of mixture that you really like, while playing FIFA 13, I was able to appreciate the greatness of the soundtrack to a whole new level because of the sound that these headsets are able to produce.


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