Echoes Review

Today I bring you the review for Echoes a top view puzzle action game developed from Halfbricked Studios. Echoes is a very simple game to get into, the premise of the game is your a girl with a big sunhat who goes collecting crystals in mazes and arenas. Once you’ve collected a crystal your echo appears, a ghostly figure who mimics all your moves up the point where you collected the crystal. You must avoid contact with the echoes as you collect all the necessary crystals indicated for each level. Once you’ve completed the level you get scored on how quickly you managed to collect all the crystals. Depending on you score your awarded with a bronze, silver, or gold trophy witch will help you unlock bonuses. Features 32 individual levels in a variety of modes, including awesome crystal powerups like Pulse Chain, Time Freeze, Blade and Magnetic Crystal.
echoes 13_thumb
I found Echoes to be a solid game right of the bat i was enjoying arcade mode. You can fly by arcade mode in a breeze without trying but wheres the fun in that at the most i would say about half an hour depending on how well you play. Some of the level i found to be frustrating to accomplish for the fact that it seemed impossible to collect all the crystals with in a reasonable time to get a gold trophy. One thing that sure is satisfying to mow down the echoes with the blade power-up. Aside from arcade mode there are three more modes to loose yourself in.

Echoes is loaded with jackpot, Survival, and Clockwork mode. Jackpot gives you a little over a minute to grab as many crystals as you can while you avoid the echoes in your way. The crystals you collect the more the crystals its worth, oce you run into an echo you multiplier is reset. Survival modes start you off with 10 seconds on the clock, as you set off pulses ( crystals that eliminate echoes). Get the highest score you can before your time runs out,you can achieve more points by chaining pulses together in a combo. The most fun i had with Echoes had to be Clockwork, you pick up crystals, but the echoes created just sit there and don’t move. To get them to move, you use the shoulder buttons to advance and rewind time.

I found Echoes to be a lot fun, short play through but hey this is a mini its meant to be short and enjoyable. Witch is something Halfbrick has done with Echoes. As short as the game I guaranty you’ll keep playing long after you have gone through the game. My final thoughts on Echoes is that you can’t go wrong with such a great game at such a low price.

Developed BY HalfBrick Studios
Priced $ 2.99
Score: 7  Of 10