Ecotone: Review (Platformer Story-Driven Adventure Game)

Ecotone is an interesting game because of it’s platformer elements along with the difficult puzzles and interesting Story. The Story is very unclear and very abstract with little to no dialog touching on it. The platformer elements are fun and difficult, almost like Mario if you couldn’t stomp enemies and punishes you for every little mistake you make. Precision is a very big key in Ecotone.

The environments are amazingly different than any other platformer I’ve seen. Very weird and interesting enemies and moving eyes to watch you fail over and over and over. The levels didn’t get old what so ever and I enjoyed looking at everything. This game doesn’t beat around the bush, throwing you into the difficult world of Ecotone right off the bat, killing you in many more ways than one.

The music is interesting and fun to listen to but the only downside is that the music is locked to level-based music which means the music will progress as you progress through the level and that can be a good thing but once you die it starts all over almost become more annoying than fun to listen to as time goes on.

I loved the difficulty, environments, and overall design of Ecotone. I give this game a very abstract 7.5/10. You can find this game on the Steam Stores for $8.99! If you want an abstract story and difficult platformer then Ecotone is just the game for you! And remember: Don’t get salty!