Electro Hunter review for the iPhone/iTouch


Electro Hunter for the iPhone/iTouch is a cool little game from VIVID GAMES  that takes the classic object matching style game play and puts a spin on it. It offers 30 levels of  game play where you must destroy the alien core in order to progress to the next level. This progression is made even more fun with the addition of an occasional boss fight, cool play modes and some very cool graphics.

In the game you spin your way around a alien core (you can spin clockwise or counter clockwise to dodge attacks)that produces different color orbs that must be destroyed in order to reach the next level.  The alien core can also launch these orbs at you and damage your health, so you must avoid these attack and launch your own attacks on the alien core. Your main attack is accomplished by matching at least three orbs of the same color together and destroying them that way but you also are given an occasional power up to help boost your attacks. The lead boots power up allows you to take out a whole line of orbs, the shield protects you from core attacks for a short time and  the atom bomb will destroy all on screen orbs. Their is also a health booster that you can grab too.

The game has several  modes of play Regular, Sniper, Time attack, Mine, Boss and completion. Unfortunately all the game modes are in a set pattern and you can’t play a single game mode as long as you like but it’s still a fun game.

 I found the game very fun to play, I liked the sound and music but the thing that cought my eye were the graphics, they looked really colorful and cool . Check it out and have fun.

I GIVE IT A 8 out of 10