Electronics Art’s (EA) a look back


I was just thinking about Electronic Art’s (EA) and some of there old school titles that I really enjoyed playing back in the Eighties. Take a glance at some of my personal old school EA  favorites. I know some of you will remember playing these and also remember how much younger you were back then too and for others it will be a peek back  into Video Game history at some cool titles from a cool company that has been around awhile. It’s interesting looking back and seeing how far Video Games have come,I can only imagine looking  forward what incredible things are in store for us in the future of Video Games.  All links will take you to Wikipedia  for more in depth background information on EA, these games and more, I hope you will take the time to check check them out. Have fun Gaming!!!

1. One on One


Very fun Basketball game that blew me away , it was a very fun game. It may seem like quit a simple game nowadays but back in the day it was incredible, to me it’s a classic, I mean Larry Bird and Dr J in a one on one, what more could you ask for. I first played it on the Apple II then later had it on my Commodore 64

2.Racing Destruction Set


I really loved this one, this game let you design your own racing tracks and race on them using different vehicals and it even let you adjust the gravity, it was very FUN!!!!!!!!. I use to play it on my Commodore 64

3.The Bard’s Tale


This was one of my favorite RPG’s, I remember speneding many hours on this one fighting monsters and mapping Dungeons. I have always loved RPG’s and this was one of my very eairly favorites. I had this game on my Commodore 64

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