Ember – A puzzle game and indie game awards finalist

Ember is one of the first thought-provoking platformers to hit Kickstarter. With a story-driven narrative, Ember is a 2D game about altering physical reality to solve puzzles.

A prototype of the game has already reaped success by becoming a Kickstarter staff pick and game awards finalist. To make its Kickstarter campaign a success, Ember requires the relatively small sum of 19.000 swedish crowns (about $2.500).

In Ember you play as a girl named Emilie. As Emilie solves puzzles she will learn more about herself, her limits and her past. Each and every puzzle has a connection to the story, and the puzzles are never coincidental or repeated.

Ember attempts to give the player an unique, emotional and mind expanding experience. The player is given the chance to explore alternative physical realities where physics do not behave intuitively. Instead of trying to be only a game, Ember does everything it can to pull the player into the mind of Emilie.

Ember is currently in development for Windows PC and Linux.